9th Test (and last one) of the 3rd interclubs Bouldering League: Sala La Reunió

Closed to the end … there is only one test more, the 9th of the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League.
Wednesday 2nd (15-22h), Thursday 3rd (15-22h) and Friday 4th of July (10-14h / 15-21h).
Also, on Friday the 4th from 21 to 22h is going to be the awards ceremony and will draw equipment from our sponsors.

It will be an exciting test, with podiums not yet defined, having fun and enjoying the problems created by our friends from Sala La Reunió, with prizes for many climbers.

Are you going to miss it?

9th Test - 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League small

Mapa La Reunio - Eng



Celebrated 8th Test from 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League in Club Excta Gràcia (Barcelona)

8th Test done!

Our friends from Gràcia did a great test on 20, 21 and 22 May (with extra day on the 26th). A test that leaves the 3rd league very exciting for the 9th and final round.

As always you have posted classifications and soon we’ll tell you the dates of the last test, which causes beyond (work in their gym) can not be held in Sant Cugat Mountain Club.

Train, just one test left!

8a Prova Gracia - 3a Lliga

7th Test from the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League. Please note: we change it, will be in Sala La Reunió (Pallejā)

The next 24, 25 and 26 April will host the 7th test of the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League.
Attention: Due to technical problems we have to change it. This test will be in the Sala La Reunió of Pallejā.
The 8th test will be held in May in the Club Excta Gracia and the 9th Test in June will be in the Club muntanyenc Sant Cugat at the end of the respective month.
7th test schedules are:
Thursday 24, 10 – 22h
Friday, 25 10 – 22h
Saturday 26 10 – 15h 17 – 22h

See you all!

7th Test - 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League small

Mapa La Reunio - Eng


Celebrated the 5th test in Molins de Rei

We have already passed the halfway point of the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League.
Our friends of Molins de Rei have an incredible test, 5th, where everyone was very happy with boulders designed by Carles.
In an atmosphere of “carnival” all participants enjoyed very much.
Nearly 80 people enjoyed already the 3rd League. As always, gallery are in facebook and classifications in the corresponding section.
See you in the next stage in Ingravita (Igualada). Training!

Molins 5a Prova - 01


Molins 5a Prova - 02


Molins 5a Prova - 03


Molins 5a Prova - 04


Molins 5a Prova - 05

Molins 5a Prova - 06





Next Stop of February: Molins de Rei, 5th Test of the Interclubs Bouldering League

The next stop on the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League will be Molins de Rei.
This will be on next Wednesday 26th (19 – 22.30h) and Friday 28th (19 – 22.30h).
The League now enters in the second half of the season with excitement and fanaticism, and Carles, the soul of Molins de Rei club surely he prepare a lot of surprises.

For those who do not know, climbing wall of Centre Excursionista Molins de Rei is located in the municipal sports center.
Attached as ever to get the poster and map.
See you!

5th Test - 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League small

5th Test - Molins

Celebrated the 4th Test of the Interclubs Bouldering League (Sala Magnesi)

Almost reaching the halfway of the 3rd Interclubs Bouldering League.
And we have held the test in Sala Magnesi, quite a good success and good boulders from our friends of Climbat.

As always you have  classifications in the blog and photo gallery on Facebook.

Continuet training, the League continues as well, and the next test will be in Molins de Rei, 5th Test, where the Master Carles is already plotting some new problems …. but that will be coming on 26 and 28 February.

4a Prova - 3a Lliga - 01


4a Prova - 3a Lliga - 02


4a Prova - 3a Lliga - 03


4a Prova - 3a Lliga - 04


4a Prova - 3a Lliga - 05